MSUBS gives a Charity concert to support the Foundation working with the elderly people

A Charity Concert organized by the MSUBS faculty members, students and alumni was held on March 15th in Moscow Lenin State Library. 450 people visited the concert and donated to the Starost v Radost (Enjoy the Old Age) Foundation to support the old people living in the retirement house.

The Concert included performances of an international Collegium Musicum orchestra established by the MSUBS faculty member, student dancing teams, professionally singing students and students professionally playing piano and flute. During the breaks all the guests were invited to participate in Grandmother`s Mail project and to sign and to send a postcard created by students and faculty members at MSUBS to the old people living without families. 400 postcards were signed by the guests.

Funds raised from this event would be transferred to the Uvarov retirement house located in the Tambov area (South of Russia) and would let the institution hire three more nurses working with the old people living there.

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