Student social activity at MSUBS

A student charity event took place at MSUBS from November 20th to November 29th. All the students, faculty members and administrative staff had an opportunity to deliver some clothes for orphanages or for sale at the Blago - Boutique (Blessing Boutique). The funds raised from the sale of the collected clothes were transferred to the Podari Zhizn (Gift of Life) and Vera (Belief) charity foundations. These events were organized by the third year undergraduate student Polina Shishkina.

On December 2nd and December 7th how-to-create-a-postcard master-classes were held at MSUBS. Students from different study years and programmes, administrative staff and faculty members participated in this fascinating process. Patches, spangles, coloured paper and everything available amazingly transformed into real masterpieces. All the handmade postcards were supposed to be sold at the city December Charity Fairs. The funds raised from this event will be transferred to two foundations: “” and “Old Age is a Joy”. Part of created postcards will be send to the old people living at the retirement houses.

These events were organized by the MSUBS faculty member, senior lecturer at the Foreign Language Department Nina A. Koryakina.


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