Doing Business in Russia programme for Italian students

From 3rd to 6th June

a short-term Doing Business in Russia programme was developed and implemented for a group of SDA Bocconi master students (Milan, Italy). During these four days students studied intensively the Russian macroeconomic situation, Russian political system and its cultural specific aspects as well as received a historical overview about the development of the Russian state and business.

Alone with the lecture sessions from the core and visiting faculty members of MSUBS as well as master-classes and meetings with the top-managers from national and international companies students also had an opportunity to visit several companies.

Through the meeting with the General Manager of DeAgostini publishing house students not only received an overview of running the publishing company in Russia but got practical advice on leaving and working in Russia. Visiting the Procter&Gamble company students learnt more about the development of a leading international company on the Russian market. And through the visit to the mostly world-known Russian IT company – Kaspersky Lab the group got an understanding of how the national companies enter the global markets.

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