From April, 12th to April 17th Professor of the Centre for Industrial Relations at the University of Toronto (Canada) Rafael Gomez taught a "Marketing communications" course at MSU BS` Bachelor of Management programme.

Professor Gomez is a researcher at the Center of Industrial Relations, University of Toronto (Canada). He is also known as the author of numerous scientific publications and co-author of several popular books, such as The Paradox of American Unionism (2004). In 2006 he became the laureate of the "Outstanding scientist" award from Labor and Employment Relations Association for his "exceptional contribution to the study of international and comparative labor and employment".

His "Marketing Communications" course presented the latest research in the field of consumer behavior to the students which are the basis for any marketing communications. Within the course students learned how to understand the behavior of consumers both from an economic and psychological point of view. Also, students received fundamental knowledge and ability to analyze the behavior of companies and consumers and make predictions about such phenomena as the success or failure of a new product or advertising campaign.

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