Quality of Lomonosov MSU Business School programme is proved by the EPAS re-accreditation

The Lomonosov MSU BS`s Bachelor of Management programme was re-awarded recently with an EPAS accreditation for the next three years by European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD). The four-year undergraduate programme combines the best academic traditions of Lomonosov MSU with the innovative approaches to teaching and organization of the study process of its students. It includes over 30 courses delivered in English, three months long internship at the leading Russian and international companies based in Moscow, classes from the international teaching staff and over 20 partner universities offering exchange programme for its students. This re-accreditation confirms that the School implements the effective strategy focusing on the development of the programme, its students and teaching staff according to the best international practices of business education and creating a deep value through the innovational approaches, high quality and internationalization of all the aspects of the learning process.


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