The 9th Bowling Championship between Moscow leading business schools hosted by Lomonosov MSU Business School on November 16, 2013

On Saturday, November 16, after a year-long break, the 9th Bowling Championship between Moscow leading business schools was hosted by Lomonosov MSU Business School at the Premier Sport entertainment complex. Six teams participated in the competition:
1. Lomonosov MSU Business School;
2. New Economic School;
3. Higher Commercial Management School of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia (RFTA);
4. Moscow Institute of Management LINK;
5. The Higher School of Economics;
6. School of Business and Management of the International University in Moscow.
The championship consisted of two games, the winners being determined based on the results of the best game. The undisputed champion was the Adrenaline RES team from the New Economic School, with a score of 797 points.

 The runner-up was the Lomonosov MSU Business School team, with a score of 729 points.

The third place was awarded to the Ultra team from The Higher School of Economics, with a score of 723 points.

Two players shared the title of the Best Player of the Championship, each scoring 181 points in a single game. The players are Konstantin Guriev (New Economic School) and Vyacheslav Balashov (Higher School of Economics). 

The competition concluded with an award ceremony for the winners who received their appropriate medals, prizes and the main trophy of the championship, the MSUBS Cup.
We thank all the players who took part in the event and we are looking forward to the next championship

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