Exploring innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.S.A

On April 22-26, 2013 EMBA14 group visited Boston to take part in the educational module on innovation and entrepreneurship.
The first day of the module was opened by a welcoming speech by the Dean of Northeastern University Business School, a partner of MSU BS. After reviewing the characteristics and components of innovative systems the students headed for the Centre for Applied Technology of Fidelity, one of the largest financial and investment companies in the. Further, the group took a trip to Mass Challenge, the world's largest business accelerator and the only business incubator for start-ups that does not bound the participants with any obligations.


On the second day, a professor of Northeastern University presented an overview of the history of business developments in the region. From this lecture the students learned what makes Boston the most innovative city in the world, what are the advancements achieved by Cambridge in the past 30 years and why all innovative companies have an office there. Afterwards, the group visited the headquarters of Genzyme, a biotech company that a few years ago was bought by French giant Sanofi for nearly 20 billion dollars. Employees of Genzyme told the group about the investment strategy of the company and showed them a unique building that won an award as the “greenest” building in the U.S. Further on the group had an opportunity to walk around MIT where innovation can be felt in the air.


The third day started early in the morning with a jog along the Charles river together with many residents of Boston who start their day with a jog. At the university the first half of the day was spent learning more about the features of U.S. business environment. In the afternoon the group visited Dassault Systems, one of the largest producers of design and simulation software.


On the fourth day of the programme the group met Gordon Lankton, a founder of Nypro, the world's most successful company producing plastic products, and took a visit to the Lean Enterprise Institute, where students were introduced to the differences between conventional and lean management.


On the fifth day of the internship the students took part in a round table on the recent trends in the field of innovative business. Among the rest, the students learned about IDEA student club where students can get support in starting up a business. This round table was followed by an official ceremony of awarding the certificates on successful completion of the course.

The described educational module was organized and ran in cooperation with Northeastern University which we would like to wholeheartedly thank for all the spared efforts.

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