MSU BS Summer School Management and economy: the modern teaching practice

July 6, 2013 saw the end of the Summer School "Management and Economics: The Modern Teaching Practice" (held on July 1- 6, 2013) that was attended by 20 PhD students and young faculty members in the field of management and economics from 14 cities of Russia. The Summer School was organised by MSU BS and the Institute for Complex Strategic Studies.

The Summer School provided classes by the leading MSU BS professors (Oleg Vikhanskiy, Alexander Naumov, Stanislav Smirnov, Vyatcheslav Boltrukevich, Iruna Petrovskaya, Serguei Zaversky and Vera Kononova). In addition, guest lectures were given by Julie Brooks, the Director of Postgraduate Programmes and the professor of the partnering University of St. Andrews (UK), and Professor Gerald Rohan.

Throughout the Summer School, the participants worked on group projects developing methodology for teaching a particular discipline within the framework of their selected course. This allowed them to share with each other their teaching experiences, to further explore the information received at the classes and to master active learning methods applying.

The Summer School closed with a ceremony of awarding certificates and a traditional picnic. In their closing speeches the participants of the Summer School shared their feelings of being transformed by the Summer School experience and their willingness to introduce changes to their courses and programmes.


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