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On May 27, 2013 MSU BS held a master-class by Ulf Schneider, the CEO of RUSSIA CONSULTING.

The company operates in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev, Almaty and Frankfurt and deals with providing Western companies with professional consulting in the field of starting up and developing a business in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and also in the field of staff recruitment, IT services, accounting, taxation, reporting and management in general.

In his master-class at MSU BS Ulf Schneider discussed the issues related to starting a business in Russia (based on real-life cases from RUSSIA CONSULTING practice). In particular, he spoke about the pitfalls of company registration in Russia, addressed the issues of corruption and bureaucracy, discussed intercultural issues that might arise when dealing with foreign investors, addressed the common mistakes and suggested the ways to avoid them. Among the participants of the master-class were not only MSU BS students but also our American guests, members of “Doing Business in Russia” programme. The event was held in English.

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