Business Education 2020 international student competition for the best video

In April 2013 the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) announced a student competition in creative videos. The students were expected to reflect on the future of Bachelor programme in the field of Management and Business Administration and to share their outlook on what the Bachelor Programme will look like in the year 2020.

MSU BS Bachelor first year students have been very active in preparing for the contest. Working in 3 teams they presented 3 videos to share their vision on the future of business education. It stands to mention that the students worked very hard, involving in their work senior students.

After the heated debates and a vote, it was decided to put forward for the competition two videos that were very different in their approach but both contained deep and insightful ideas.

Victory be yours, guys!

1 video (Stepanova , Mitchell , Skomarovsky)
2 video ( Avakov, Komarov, Kampstra, Sharuda, Sychev, Khadzhimuradov )

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