IX Bowling Championship was held by MSU BS on April 13, 2013

On Saturday, April 13 the IX Bowling Championship was held by MSU BS. The event was attended by students of Bachelor, Master, MBA, EMBA programmes, staff members of MSU BS and the Institute for Complex Strategic Studies, and a team of MSU BS teachers. The championship took place in Premier-Sport  leisure centre. The championship consisted of two games, the winners were determined based on the results of the best game. The absolute winner of the Championship was the team of BA13/1 study group that scored as much as 838 points.

 The second place was awarded to MBA14 team who scored 728 points.

The third place went to BA14/2 team with a score of 712 points.

The best player of the Championship was Ambartsumyan Gevorg (BA13/1) who individually scored as much as 221 points.

The Championship ended with an award ceremony for the winners who were granted the medals, prizes and the main championship trophy – the Cup of MSU BS. 
Thanks to all the players who took part in the event. We are looking forward to the next championship.


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