"Efficient Region" conference in Irkutsk
From 27 to 30 June 2012 "Efficient Region" conference and "Lean Production" seminar organized by the Lomonosov MSU BS in cooperation with "Irkutskenergo" were held in Irkutsk.

The conference addressed the issues of cooperation between business, local and public authorities. A key topic of reports was operational efficiency. Representatives of Lomonosov MSU BS (Yuri Rubanik and Leonid Yazonkin), Irkutskenergo, Irkutsk Administration, Baikal Bank of Sberbank of Russia, TNK-BP, editor-in-chief of the  Leaninfo.ru blog and visiting speaker from the UK Paul Hollinworth presented their reports. Mr. Hollinworth, an expert in operational efficiency and system approach to management. Participants got am opportunity to meet with colleagues from other regions, to share experiences in operational efficiency improvement of the region and to discuss plans for future work.

In terms of the  "Lean Production" seminar Paul Hollinworth shared the tools of building the interaction in the customer value creation chain and process changeability reduction, which help to implement construction projects in time and within the bounds of budget.

Before the conference Paul Hollinworth presented a report in terms of the "Development Strategy" seminar in Moscow, organized by the Strategic Studies Group Delphi in cooperation with Lomonosov MSU BS. Mr. Hollinworth shared his British experience in quality management initiatives development and the British Quality Foundation activities on the local level.

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