MBA and Executive MBA programmes graduates of 2012 received their diplomas
Graduation ceremony at the Lomonosov MSU BS  with its ten year history became already a tradition. However, following the spirit of sustainable improvement, this year we decided to position the graduation ceremony from a different perspective: not as the end of the educational process, but as a beginning of something new in the live and entering of the graduate community.

Therefore, in this year graduation ceremony  was named "The Lomonosov MSU BS Alumni Day"  which included not only diploma awarding ceremony, but also meeeting with the graduates from previous years, alumni community initiation ceremony, informal communication, presentation of projects and meeting with colleagues from the similar business areas.

The role of Master of Ceremony played Rima Mulik, graduate from EMBA 2011 and Sergei Novikov, EMBA 2012. Together with diploma gradutes received the Personal Alumni Card. The MBA modular group graduate Alexander Reznichenko has received Lomonosov MSU BS golden badge for his outstanding academic results and the best research paper. Lomonosov MSU BS golden badge is a special sign of distinction and recognition of the achievements of graduates.

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