Northeastern University students presented their business plans at Lomonosov MSU BS
Presentations of business projects of MBA students from the U.S. partner Northeastern University were traditionally held in Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School.

The visit to MSU BS is a part of the annual study tour of the American students in Russia. It is usually dedicated to Russian management and specificities of doing business in Russia by foreign companies. Traditionally, MSU BS students of MBA and programmes as well as faculty members play the role of experts, evaluating the quality of business projects, describing the U.S. products enter on the Russian market, and their relevance to the Russian reality.

This year 6 projects were presented. American students spoke about the online learning system, the American apparel brands, features of American bourbon, a delightful taste of American beer and a smart coffee machine. Russian experts told about the features of the Russian market and Russian consumers, discussed marketing strategies and commented on the possible success of projects in Russia.

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