Future Managers Programme students visited Art. Lebedev Design Studio and Sochi 2014 Coordination Committee
Future Managers Program students not only study in classrooms, but also participate in company visits. Recently students visited Art. Lebedev Design Studio and Sochi 2014 Coordination Committee.

Art. Lebedev Studio

The Studio was founded in 1995 and consisted of one man - its founder and irreplaceable Art Director Artemiy Lebedev. Since then the team grew and currently has about 200 people working on various projects. The Studio is famous for its design projects - web pages for such companies as Yandex, MTS, Nokia, M. Video, Xerox, the Central Bank website, the Bolshoi Theater and other large organizations.

Studio employees call their work place "home office". The students not only saw a lot of people walking in slippers but also felt the informal and free atmosphere in the office. Besides, students had an interesting discussion with the staff members about the way to find a balance between the process of creating ideas and their implementation under the tight deadlines set by a customer.

Sochi 2014 Coordination Committee

Visit to the Coordination Committee for the FMP students was organized by the Committee volunteer Artem Dudin. He presented the organisation, its departments and told about the usual working day of the employees. Students met representatives of different Committee departments and received a lot of information about the upcoming Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.

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