In the framework of the International Science Youth Forum "Lomonosov-2012" from 9 to April 13, 2012 a traditional annual International Scientific Conference "Lomonosov" took place
The main objective of the conference "Lomonosov-2012" is the development of creative activity of students and young researchers, to attract them to solve urgent problems of modern science, conservation and development of common scientific and educational space of the CIS countries, the establishment of contacts between future colleagues. In 2012 the conference was held on 32 sections and more than 300 subsections, reflecting the main directions of modern fundamental and applied science.

The faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School held a single section of "Management", which was addressed by 19 young scientists from 10 cities of Russia, whose work have been selected by the expert commission of the 115 papers presented at the competition.

The section assumed ten-minute presentation of each contestant. Each presentation provoked many questions from both the commission and by other speakers.

In the middle of the day members of LMSUBS staff conducted a role-playing
"Intercultural Communication"game. Participants formed two teams to work in. The goal of the game was to improve communication skills, both among members of his team and team members with their opponents.

Expert committee consisting of representatives of the administration and faculty of LMSUBS, according to the performances of young scientists has identified five best papers. They were:

  • Minnibajevo Alia Maratovna, Ufa State Oil Technical University, the report "Evaluation of the organizational culture by the method of Cameron and Quinn OCAI"
  • Eugenia A. Kozhevnikov, The State University - Higher School of Economics report "Social and cultural factors of project management: an analysis of the effectiveness of projects for Body of Knowledge PMBoK ® PMI in the context of socio-cultural features of the Russians'
  • Galia Shamilyevna Bulatov, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, report, "Effectiveness of execution control decisions"

Award for best paper in the section "Management" received Arman A. Chobanian, along with co-Borovkova Maria Alexandrovna of Tula branch of Russian State Trade and Economic University, for his report "university management technique MAF monitoring of the process of adaptation of freshmen learning in higher education." Co-authors received honorary degrees as the best authors of the report section of "Management" in a solemn ceremony in the main library of Moscow State University from the hands of the Co-Chairmen of the Organizing Committee, the Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Academy of Sciences, Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy and Minister of Education and Science Andrei Alexandrovich Fursenko.

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