Future Managers Programme Students visited Moscow office of the Yandex Company
On April 23rd, 25 students from the Future Manager Program visited the head office of one of the most famous Russian Internet companies.

Visit to Yandex included excursion around its Moscow office and discussion about the employees, their motivation to work and principles of work administration. Office tour was held by PR Office Assistant Kristina Minaeva. The company organizational structure was presented by Natalia Zverek, Yandex HR Deputy Director, who also teaches the “Presentation Skills” and “Business Training” courses on the LMSU BS MBA programme.

The main motivation factors for Yandex employees are not only difficult but interesting challenges, but also an opportunity to participate in creating something new for the IT market. The company provides all the conditions for creative development of its employees.

The Yandex office is opened around the clock. That is why, everything in the office is done in order to let the employees feel comfortable and have everything they need. All working places are available 24 hours 7 days a week. In the office students have seen also a huge number of meeting rooms for employees to discuss company projects. Yandex office in Moscow has about 2000 employees.

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