Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School held the "open day" of "Bachelor" and "Master" programms
Last Sunday there were a lot of happy and excited people at LMSUBS: the school held the "open day" of "Bachelor" and "Master" programms. Not too long from now before the applications bringing-in campaign, and entrants came to school to meet the administration and professors, talk to students and alumni.

Program "Bachelor" was represented by the administration of LMSUBS, professors and current students. In his welcoming remarks, Dean of LMSUBS Oleg Samuilovich Vikhansky reminded that with the School started to form professional schools, the process of education, built around a sphere of activity, rather than around a single scientific discipline. He told me that from the very beginning of school activities focused on very high standards for the preparation of "single-piece frame," due to the fact that the study groups are gaining a small number of students, and students are paying enough attention from both teachers and with the administration.

The guests would ask a lot of different questions that were happy answered by alumni, students, professors and school administration.

Later, in the evening the presentation of the "Master" took place, which was presented by the programms' administration, visiting-professor, and students currently enrolled in the program. On the selection of hard and highly motivated students who come to the program and the application of «action-reflection learning», Dean told the audience the benefits and advantages of learning to program "Master" told of her current students.

"Why did I choose Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School? First, it is taught not only to classical schemes, but also on innovation: working in groups, solving cases. The second - a practitioner faculty. The third - a quality selection of students. Fourth - the ability to combine work and study (day we work in the evening, we learn), "- said Timothy Petrov, a graduate of the program" Bachelor ", a student of the" Master ". "You get here the qualities and skills that will make you a good manager" - Bogdan Zinchenko said that he had received for the academic year. "Be sure to use the opportunity to travel for training! I was on an internship in the Netherlands, and received a very interesting experience "- shared her impressions of academic probation, Maria Emelyanov, second-year student. Graduated from Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University Vitaly Skrypnyk assured the audience that her previous non-core education does not stop her to go to HSB and "learn by Five", "If you think that there will not be able to learn that you do not have that background, I can assure you that this is really hard, but very interesting! I am sure that when I finish LMSUBS, all I can! "In addition, training at the School of Vitaly helped advance their careers," Here I am beginning to feel different just like a professional in your area: in addition to what I are learning the business, I have received and for the development of their specialty. I do now have another translator. I had a strong career. When I am involved in business negotiations in a serious topic, I am already a full member, understanding all the processes that are being discussed"

Visiting-professor Jeroan Kuilman from Tilburg University, The Netherlands talked briefly in English about his course, and got a lot of questions asked to him also in English! Thus the guests showd that they were well prepared.

After the official part of the presentation of each program, we all want to be able to talk with students, administration and alumni of Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School.

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