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Lomonosov Moscow State university Business School has great partnership with its partners from Japan since its inception. But until 2012 the privilege to travel on short-term training program students had only Executive MBA. Probably, no one doubts that these internships from year to year are very popular. And since the fall semester, thanks to a new agreement with the Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, students program "Bachelor" and "Master" can be sent to this semester internship to Nagoya University of Commerce & Business. Within the exchange programs for students from a choice of about 40 English-language courses in business administration, management, the opportunity to attend courses in Japanese, and a large number of programs devoted to the study of the characteristics of Japanese culture.

French School ESCE - Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur is located in the heart of business in Paris - a modern business district of La Defense. The school offers several courses in English masters students participating within an exchange program.

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