Simon Murray visited LMSUBS
Simon Murray - an investment banker and member of the board of directors of companies from different industries, from steel companies to fashion houses «Hermes» and «Tommy Hilfiger», the head of the Asian branch of the «Deutsche Bank», the founder of one of the first and largest mobile operator companies «Orange» (sold in up to $ 35 billion), holder of the highest awards in England and France - the Order of the British Empire and the Legion of Honor, which is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest member 242-kilometer marathon through the Moroccan desert (60 years) and the Antarctic expedition to the South Pole (in '64). Large school of life for him was the military service. In the mountains and deserts of North Africa, where he had his war French Foreign Legion by Simon Murray acquired developed intuition, willingness to take risks and ability to quickly respond to sudden changes in the situation.

Speech of Simon Murray at LMSUBS was in the form of questions and answers. Students were actively communicating with a successful businessman who shared with them the principles of life, telling vivid stories of his experience in building his successful career. Everyone in the audience noted a strong power of the speaker, his optimistic attitude towards life and love for his work.

At the end of the meeting, many students bought a book by Simon Murray, "Legionnaire" and gladly signed it at the author of a long memory!

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