Great MSUBS results at public speaking contest
In late December, 2011, Lomonosov MSU BS held its local public speaking competition, and three of the finalists went on to represent MSU BS at the MSU-wide competition that was held on February 20. This was the last stage before the national round of the annual ESU International Public Speaking contest. The winner of the national round will go on to represent Russia in London in May 2012. The MSU competition included representatives of four different departments: Faculty of Journalism, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, MSU Undergraduate School of Television, and Lomonosov MSU BS. All of the participants showed their best; they managed their nerves and spoke confidently, openly, and from the heart. The latter was partly due to the topic, The Head or The Heart, but in most part was possible thanks to the warm and positive atmosphere of the whole event.

We have every right to be proud of our students who demonstrated great public speaking and were commended by the judges and the audience alike. Nikita Ulyanov won the Public Vote, while the other two MSUBS participants, Natalya Makhrova and Roman Saulin, were named among the top five speakers of the event. We are looking forward to the national tour which will be held at the Russian State Foreign Languages Library on February 29.

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