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Vice-president of "Boeing", President of "Boeing" in Russia and the CIS, Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Professor Sergey Kravchenko took the floor and made a great "master class" in front of students of the Executive MBA program. Sergey told the students about the development strategy of "Boeing", the role of the Russian units in the development of a global company, and also shared his personal experience of the organization and management division of a huge global company. After the meeting, the students said that Professor Kravchenko is a true visionary leader with a unique look at the conduct of business and deep vision of global processes.

As part of the visiting aircraft builders students conducted a tour of the museum, where they saw the stages of development of Russian engineering center of "Boeing". An interesting fact is that Moscow design center is the largest engineering subsidiary outside the U.S.

The students were amazed at the role of the Russian branch of a large company in the process of creating aircraft "Boeing", surprised at how a complex creative process of designing the various parts of the aircraft is organized. Another surprise became an unexpected high professional level of young employees - recent graduates of Russian universities - they are highly skilled and competitive in the global aircraft industry.

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