International conference was held in Lomonosov MSU BS
October 21 and 22 over 30 scientists and researchers from different countries met at the Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School to discuss cross-cultural management at the ninth international conference «International Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management». Organized by the European Institute for advanced studies in management with active support of GSBA MSU conference was held to celebrate the 300th birthday of the founder of Moscow University — Mikhail Lomonosov. During two days, scientists from Russia, Germany, Spain, UK, Sweden, USA, France and many other countries worked in the sections on several topics: «Cross-cultural management tools», «Exit strategies to foreign markets», «Global Practices Recruiting, »" Managing managers, expats «,» Issues of cross-cultural management in various geographical areas «and» features a cross-cultural management in multinational companies. " Speakers at the conference were members of the department of management GSBA MSU: the head. Chair Professor Naumov AI and Assistant Professor Amin Urusov. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and International Relations Anna Gryaznova acted as chairman for several sessions.

According to the results of the conference were named «Best student scientific paper» and «best scientific paper in 2011.» In the student category of the title of «best» was awarded the work of Brazilian researcher Flavio Rodriguez Suarez, representing the Free University of Brussels, dedicated to evaluating the effectiveness of cross-cultural training for expatriate managers. And the best work of the conference was considered a joint study of three scientists M. — A. Bechinger, G. Bertrand and R. Shindlauskas, considers the problem of corruption at the exit of the developing market in the Russian case.

At the conclusion of the conference, participants visited the Tretyakov Gallery, where under the guidance of art historian familiar with the masterpieces of Russian art.

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