GSBA bachelor students completed Production Systems course at Yaroslavskiy factory

GSBA bachelor students visited Yaroslavskiy factory as a traditional part of Production Systems course from March, 28th to April, 1st.

They were divided into five groups and each group had its own production sector. Students worked with the factory staff, implementing such lean production practices as 5S, SMED,TPM. Every day they put forward various challenges which were to be solved. As a final task students presented their own improvement proposals to the head of Yaroslavskiy factory M.I.Prosvetov and to his associates. Some of the proposals were already implemented into the working process and some needed additional modifications but all of the projects were valued by the factory top-management.

For the students it was not only the process of project development but they had also to involve the workers into the process of the improving the system during this short period of time. This experience helped the students to gain their own experience and to learn more about the management at Russian enterprises. The head of Yaroslavskiy factory appreciated the Graduate School of Business Administration for this active contribution to the factory management.

The letter of thanks to Graduate School of Business Administartion

GSBA students discuss their project with M.I.Prosvetov, the head of Yaroslavskiy factory

First cleaning of machinery

Group work

GSBA student presents the result of the work to the head of the factory, M.I.Prosvetov

GSBA students

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