Web of Science: new information resource for the GSBA faculty

Since 2008 the largest Science Citation Data Base Web of Science is available for all Lomonosov MSU faculty members, academics, scientific researchers and students.

It allows searching for the information published in the world-known journals and text collections from more than hundred thousand conferences. Web of Science provides its users with a quick and powerful access to the bibliographic information and descriptive notes, as well as to the most referred publications. In such a way it helps to find the most perspective research areas and possible future colleagues.


On the meeting on September, 20 at GSBA Pavel Kasyanov, the representative and the manager of the Thomson Reuters company in Russia, explained to the GSBA faculty how to use the Web of Science in their academic researches and how this system can be useful for students during their work on course and final research papers.


There is an access to Web of Science from all GSBA PCs.


You can also find the presentation of Web of Science Guidance here.


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