MSU BS Master programme awarded with international ABEST21 accreditation
On March 3, 2016, at the annual conference of the Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st century organisation (ABEST21), which took place at Sony University in Tokyo, President Fumio Itoh granted the Master programme accreditation certificate to Dean Professor Dr. Oleg S. Vikhanskiy.

Lomonosov MSU BS is named again one of the Top 100 business schools in the world
In 2015 Lomonosov MSU BS entered again the Top 100 business schools in the world and confirmed its status of the UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL having received the EdUniversal “5 palmes” award.

Quality of Lomonosov MSU Business School’ programme is proved by the EPAS re-accreditation
The Lomonosov MSU BS`s Bachelor of Management programme was re-awarded recently with an EPAS accreditation for the next three years by European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD).



MSU BS, Ritsumeikan APU and Meijo University hold joint student project in international business and international financial analysis
MSU BS ran a joint student project with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan) and Meijo University (Japan) in the context of study courses “International business” (Professor Sergey Shaposhnikov) and “Financial accounting, analysis and audit” (Professor Elena Senatorova) in the Spring semester 2015/2016. During this project students developed business strategies for DyDo Drinco Rus (Japan) and Napoly LLC (Russia), analysing financial activities of Russian and Asian companies to evaluate their financial stability. Students participating in this project represented Russia, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries Final defense of projects was held on May 30 via a webinar.

MSU BS faculty member Sergey Shaposhnikov participates in “E-Trade International Forum” in Seoul
Professor Sergey Shaposhnikov made a report at the 15th International Forum on E-commerce and prospect for economic cooperation in East Asia. His report on Korean goods branding in Russia and repositioning of Korean brands triggered a debate among participants from East Asian universities.

Sustainability week at MSU BS
In response to increasing interest among students to CRS and within its long-term policy of training students to be responsible managers MSU BS held Sustainability Week on May 16-21. Many MSU BS’s corporate partners, including L’Oreal, JLL, Hitachi, Roland Digital, Roland Music, Masterslavl, Syngenta, Charities Aid Foundation, ProfDialogue, and others, participated in the events of the week, which were held in English language.

MSUBS faculty member participates in III Asian European Business Innovation Congress
Dr. Marina Markova presented a report “Modern trends in cooperation of higher education institutions and recruiters in the context of globalization” at the III Asian European Business Innovation Congress held at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, one of the ten UN sustainable development centers, on April 21-22, 2016.

Principles of Responsible Management Education: MSUBS faculty members participate in the 1st PRME Regional Meeting CEE
PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education under the UN Global Agreement) Chapter CEE held its 1st regional meeting at RISEBA University (Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration) in Riga, Latvia, on April 18-19, 2016.

Master class “Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Reputation” held at MSUBS
Massimilianno Paoleschi, CFO Ferrero of Russia and CIS countries, delivered a master class at MSUBS on April 14, 2016.

MSUBS administration participates in CEEMAN seminar in Slovenia
On April 13-15, 2016, MSUBS officials Daria Denisova and Kristina Shmagina participated in the annual Program Management Seminar held at IEDC Bled School of Management in Bled (Slovenia).

Students consider opportunities of professional development at Career Day
On April 11, 2016, MSU BS’s students and alumni of undergraduate and graduate programmes participated in a traditional Career Day.

Sports achievements of MSU BS students and faculty
MSU BS supports healthy life style by providing its students and faculty with various sports opportunities.

MSU BS students study automotive industry at international level
Visiting manufacturing facilities is the essential part of the educational process at MSU BS as it allows to support theoretic knowledge with practical experience. In April MSU BS Bachelor and Master students visited PCMA Rus factory (PSA Peugeot Citroen and Mitsubishi Motors) in Kaluga, which has a full-cycle production of Peugeot 408, Citroen Ñ4, and Mitsubishi Outlander.

MSU BS students participate in International Green Legacy Hiroshima Initiative
On March 21 the initiative group of MSU BS’s 4th year bachelor students, which was formed last September, handed seeds of Hiroshima’s A-Bomb survivor trees (Ginkgo biloba, Ziziphu jujube, and Ilex rotunda) to the senior officials of MSU Botanic garden.

Bachelor students study Supply Chain Management with a visiting professor from Chung-Ang University Business School
A visiting professor Yong Won Seo delivered a course “Supply Chain Management” for the 4th year bachelor students at MSU BS. The specific feature of this particular course was a unique combination of in-class work and distance learning (via a webinar-platform).

MSU BS students visit companies to study approaches of increasing operational effectiveness
In February 2016 3rd year bachelor students visited two companies - Krasnogorsk printing plant and VTB24 Bank. This visit was a part of the “Operations Management” course.

MSU BS students learn CSR practices from SAP CIS
Being strongly committed to ERS principles MSU BS integrates them into the educational process and offers best practices to its students. On February 25, MSU BS held a workshop of Ekaterina Frolova, CSR and Internal Communications Head of SAP CIS, on the topic: “Social programs in unique time: do social investments generate value?”

MSUBS Associate Professor Irina Petrovskaya Delivers Course at Burgundy School of Business
On 1-5 February, 2016, Associate Professor at MSUBS Management Department Dr. Irina Petrovskaya delivered a Cross Cultural Management course to graduate students of Burgundy School of Business (Dijon, France) as a part of its Excellence in Pedagogy international programme.

MSUBS Holds Final Round of II International Universiade in Management, International Business and Entrepreneurship
On 5-7 February, 2016, 75 students from over 20 Russian cities, who had successfully passed the first qualifying round, took part in the final round of MSUBS Universiade.

Exchange students start their spring semester study at MSUBS
Thirteen exchange students coming from MSUBS partner business schools in France, Germany, Finland, Japan, and Singapore joined MSUBS bachelor and master programmes for 2016 spring semester.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School held International Autumn School “Entrepreneurship and Business Engineering”
The International Autumn School “Entrepreneurship and Business Engineering” is a joint educational project of Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (MSU BS) and Saxion University (Netherlands). It was implemented with the support of the World Trade Center Twente and the largest business incubators in Russia and the Netherlands - GenerationS (RVC project, Moscow, Russia) and Kennispark Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands).

Social activities and volunteering at MSU BS
MSU BS students traditionally take an active part in social and charity projects and volunteering.

Iwao Ohashi at MSU BS
On October 26, MSU BS held a workshop “Russian-Japanese cooperation in business and investment” by Iwao Ohashi, an independent expert in strategic development and international cooperation.

Take part in the International Universiade-2016 in Management, International Business and Entrepreneurship!
Do you want to study at the Master programme of MSU BS? Then participate in the Universiade and show the best results, which will be taken into account during the entrance examinations.

MSU BS Master programme awarded with international ABEST21 accreditation
MSU BS Master programme in International Business and Strategy successfully passed the peer review assessment and received the confirmation of its compliance with the education quality requirements of ABEST21. It was announced in Tokyo on October 19, 2015. The Commission approved MSU BS self-examination report and ratified the peer review team conclusion made after its visit to MSU BS.

MSU BS faculty members participate in VII International Peter Druker Forum in Vienna
MSU FS faculty members Stanislav Smirnov and Vera Kononova participated in the VII International Peter Druker Forum which has been held annually since 2009 by Peter Druker Society in Vienna, Austria. The Forum is focused on major trends in management and organisation development, innovations, and entrepreneurship.

International Russian-Dutch project for Masters students
In mid-September MSU BS together with Saxion University and World Trade Centre - WTC Twente (Netherlands) supported by the Russian GenerationS accelerator launched a new international practice-oriented project aimed at developing recommendations for Russian and Dutch innovation companies entering the international market.

MSU BS undergraduate students take part in international project
On October 6, 2015, MSU BS undergraduate students took part in a global project “BPM Horus Laboratory” which is an on-line simulation business game for international student teams.

26 October Master Class: Russia-Japan: INTERACTION PROSPECTS
Iwao Ohashi, an independent expert on the Russian economic and industrial development and international cooperation.

MSU BS students join international Green Legacy Hiroshima Initiative
MSU BS encourages its students to participate in international projects which can make a difference to the global community. This September undergraduate students have formed an initiative group to implement Green Legacy Hiroshima Project at MSU.

Exchange students visited Ostafyevo country estate on the Day of Karamzin
On September 6, international exchange students, who joined MSU BS for the fall semester, visited Ostafyevo country estate.

Moscow city tour for foreign students
On September 3, MSU BS organized a bus city tour of Moscow for exchange students who came to study at MSU BS in the fall semester.

MSUBS faculty participate in Russian-South Korean conference
Irina Petrovskaya and Sergei Shaposhnikov participated in the conference dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and South Korea and the 70th Anniversary of South Korean independency.

MSUBS Dean Professor Dr. Oleg S. Vikhanskiy received a special award from ABEST21
On July 7, 2015, the 10th anniversary conference of the Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship For Tomorrow, a 21st century organisation (ABEST21) called “Soaring in the Globalized World” took place in Tokyo (Japan). At the plenary session of the conference ABEST 21 President Fumio Itoh honored MSUBS Dean Professor Dr. Vikhanskiy with the award recording his significant contribution to the ABEST21 development during the last 10 years.

144 MSUBS graduates received their degrees
On June 27, 2015, MSUBS held the Graduation Ceremony for the graduates of all its four programmes: bachelor, master, MBA, and Executive MBA. Graduates’ relatives and friends, MSUBS professors and corporate partners came to share this solemn moment with former students.

Top-managers of leading national companies meet MSUBS students and graduates
In June 2015 students and graduates of MSUBS got a unique chance to meet the top managers of two largest Russian transnational companies RUSAL (aluminum industry) and Sberbank (financial services).

MSUBS alumni introduce innovative project
In March 2015 MBA programme alumni Artem Antipov and Pavel Baskakov introduced a “Pollen Club” application for Android to inform allergy-afflicted people about the seasonal pollen. In May the application appeared in AppStore.

MSUBS faculty held a set of lectures for SDA Bocconi students
In the beginning of June a group of Italian master students from SDA Bocconi University (Milan) participated in a study tour to Russia. A group of MSUBS professors has traditionally held a set of lectures on different aspects of doing business in Russia for the group.

MSUBS and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan) evaluate the results of two student projects in international business and international financial analysis
Undergraduate MSUBS students participating in International Business and Financial Accounting, Analysis and Audit courses together with the students of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University developed international business strategies for international companies and products entering the Asian market and assessed their financial stability as a part of their study courses supported by professors from both institutions. Students from Russia, France, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia participated in the projects.

Phil Rosenzweig holds workshop for MSUBS alumni
On May 27 Phil Rosenzweig, professor of IMD Business School, held a workshop for MSUBS Alumni Association supported by Institute for Complex Strategic Studies.

MSUBS students participate in ceremonial meeting dedicated to 70th Anniversary of Victory Day
On May, 6, 2015, MSUBS students and professors participated in the ceremonial meeting to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Victory Day and the end of the World War II. This meeting is held annually at the Monument erected 40 years ago to commemorate MSU students and professors who fell in battle during the World War II.

MSUBS undergraduate students gain insight into operations management at IEK Group and Ingosstrakh Insurance Company
MSUBS provides its students not only with the theoretical fundamentals in study courses but also support this knowledge with practical industrial experience and latest know-how from the leading national and international companies. To do this MSUBS completes its in-class studies with company visits.

Career Day at MSUBS
On April, 24th MSUBS students and graduates of undergraduate and master programmes took part in the traditional Career Day.

MSUBS Team takes part in 64th MSU Grand Relay Race
MSUBS Team was ranked 15th in the MSU Grand Relay Race which took place on April 24, 2015. It is the best result of MSUBS for the last five years. Over 30 teams participated in this competition.

MSUBS football team gets silver award at MSU Minor Cup
On April 14, 2015, MSUBS football team met the team of the Faculty of Sociology in the semi-final of MSU Minor Cup.

“How to make a start-up” workshop at MSUBS
The workshop from the co-founder of Dream Industries and co-owner of DI Telegraph Co-working Simon Dunlop was held at MSUBS on April 21st.

MSUBS Future Manager School participants visited Moscow office of Google
MSUBS Future Manager School participants visited the Moscow office of Google on April 17, 2015. A relatively young company which was founded in 1998 managed to attract several millions of clients all over the world in record-breaking time.

MSUBS undergraduate students received a grant from the Russian Government for the development of a start-up
Third-year undergraduate students Denis Skomarovsky and Alexei Trushkov won the 2014 National Youth Project Contest and were awarded a grant for the development of Studentlife information portal.

2015 Lean Summit Took Place in Gelendzhik
On April 8-11 MSU Business School, Kaizen Center (Japan) and Volnoe Delo Foundation held a 2015 International Lean Summit in Gelendzhik. The motto of the Summit was “Thrift versus Crisis”.

MBA students from Mexican university Tecnologico de Monterrey visited MSUBS
Students from an MSUBS partner university came to Russia with a week-long visit as a part of their study programme.

MSUBS Dean Professor Dr. Vikhanskiy was re-elected to a vice –president at The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship For Tomorrow, a 21st century organisation (ABEST21)
On March 6th, 2015 at the annual meeting of The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship For Tomorrow, a 21st century organisation (ABEST21) which took place at Waseda University (Tokyo) MSUBS Dean Professor Dr. Oleg S. Vikhanskiy was unanimously re-elected to ABEST21 Vice-President.

MSUBS gives a Charity concert to support the Foundation working with the elderly people
A Charity Concert organized by the MSUBS faculty members, students and alumni was held on March 15th in Moscow Lenin State Library. 450 people visited the concert and donated to the Starost v Radost (Enjoy the Old Age) Foundation to support the old people living in the retirement house.

MSUBS expands its international relations with Japanese business schools
In the beginning of March an MSUBS delegation visited Japan aiming to participate in the annual conference and annual meeting of The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship For Tomorrow, a 21st century organisation (ABEST21) as well as to visit several Japanese universities.

Spring semester exchange students started to study at MSUBS
Nine exchange students representing MSUBS partner business schools in Germany, Finland and France joined MSUBS undergraduate and master programmes to spend their semester abroad.

International faculty at MSUBS
To provide its students with the best international practices in different fields MSUBS attracts around 20 visiting professors annually to teach at its programmes. Three visiting professors joined MSUBS in February.

A new volunteering season started at MSUBS with a visit to Ostafievo country estate
On 15 February a group of MSUBS undergraduate students visited again Ostafievo country estate which is a regular MSUBS partner of its volunteering project launched in 2013. Students usually help the estate and museum staff with cleaning the territory, conducting the opinion surveys among the visitors, participate in conferences, recitals and readings.

MSUBS faculty members teach abroad
MSUBS actively encourages its faculty members to enrich their international experience and supports international activities in this field. From five to seven MSUBS academics teach annually at universities and business schools abroad. In January and February 2015 two MSUBS faculty members visited international HEIs with modules for undergraduate and master level students.

MSUBS MBA programme was named second among best MBA programmes in Eastern Europe
International ranking agency EdUniversal has announced its annual world ranking of master and MBA programmes. This year the MSUBS MBA programme was placed second in MBA programme ranking in Eastern Europe yielding the first position to the Warsaw University MBA programme. This high position in the international ranking confirms the high level of MSUBS education quality.

University Saturdays at MSUBS
In December 2014 MSUBS launched a series of master classes for secondary Moscow-based school students. Six exciting events are planned for the Spring semester 2014/2015. They are devoted to different managerial, communication and presentation skills and knowledge important for an efficient manager nowadays.

MSUBS resumes its Russian-Dutch Autumn School for Entrepreneurship and Business-Engineering 2.0
MSUBS resumed its new international project developed and implemented in collaboration with Saxion University of Applied Science and World Trade Centre Twente (The Netherlands). The Autumn School for Entrepreneurship and Business and Engineering 2.0. is a competition among several international Russian-Dutch student teams which conduct researches and recommendations for a business case solution.

Student social activity at MSUBS
A student charity event took place at MSUBS from November 20th to November 29th.

Tenth MSUBS Bowling Tournament
On December 6th the MSUBS held the tenth bowling tournament among its own teams.

MSUBS student participates in the Second international autumn school „Social Entrepreneurship and Business Engineering“
A third year undergraduate student of MSUBS Victoria Kurkina has become one of the thirteen members at the Russian-Dutch student team participating in the International School of Entrepreneurship...

MSUBS signed an agreement with one of the best business schools in Japan.
On November 7th, MSUBS has signed a partnership agreement with the School of Commerce at Waseda University located in Tokyo (Japan).

Lomonosov MSUBS is named one of the best business schools in the world.
In 2014 Lomonosov MSUBS entered again the Top 100 business schools in the world and confirmed its status of the UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL having received the EdUniversal “5 palms” award.

Lomonosov MSUBS`s MBA and master programmes are among the best in the Eastern Europe
The results of MBA and master programme international ranking 2014 were announced at the 7th World EdUniversal Convention on October 23rd, 2014 held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Waseda University students visited MSUBS
Fourteen bachelor students participating in the professors` Yokota seminar at Waseda University for one day became MSUBS students.

Faculty member delivered a lecture at the leading business school of Finland – Aalto University School of Business
Dr. Vera Kononova acted as a guest lecturer in the course «Russian Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for doing business» for the 3rd year Bachelor students at Aalto University School of Business.

Bachelor of Management graduates proceed their study in Russia and abroad
More than 60 Bachelors of Management annually graduate from the Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School.

Moscow city tour for the exchange students
On September 13th MSU BS organized an introductory bus city tour for the group of exchange students who are spending their fall semester in Russia...

MSUBS alumni is now the general director of VKontakte social network
MSU BS master programme graduate Boris Dobrodeev has recently been appointed as General director of the Russian leading social network VKontakte (VK).

MSU BS welcomes its Fall 2014 exchange students
26 students from France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Singapore coming from the MSUBS`s partner institutions arrived to MSUBS...

Lomonosov MSU BS faculty attends the annual Academy of Management meeting
Lomonosov MSU BS faculty members Sergey Zaverskiy and Irina Petrovskaya attended the annual meeting of the Academy of Management – the biggest academic event in the management field.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia meets MSUBS graduates
On June 30th, 2014 the recent graduates of MSUBS bachelor and master programmes were invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for a meeting with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

Lomonosov MSUBS delegation participated in EFMD Annual Conference
Two MSUBS faculty members Natalia Churkina and Elena Kiseleva represented the School at the annual conference of European Foundation for Management Development which was hosted by The Vienna University of Economics and Business (Vienna, Austria) on June 15th – 17th, 2014.

MSUBS faculty members took part in the international educational programme of IEDC – Bled School of Management
From June 8th to June 20th, 2014 MSUBS Deputy Head of Economics Department Dr. Vera Kononova and Senior lecturer of Management Department Dr. Sergey Shaposhnikov participated in the International Management Teachers Academy 2014 annually held at Bled School of Management (Slovenia).

Doing Business in Russia programme for American MAYS Business School
From June, 3rd to June, 6th a group of American students from MAYS Business School, Texas A&M University participated in a short-term Doing Business in Russia programme studying the macroeconomic issues of Russia and its markets as well as the Russian context of cross-cultural management.

Doing Business in Russia programme for Italian students
From 3rd to 6th June a short-term Doing Business in Russia programme was implemented for a group of SDA Bocconi master students (Milan, Italy).

Lomonosov MSUBS master student developed and launched a new product range of food for animals

MSUBS presented its programmes at the study fair in Berlin
On May, 23rd and 24th MSUBS participated in annual StudyWorld2014 educational fair in Berlin.

MSUBS faculty member Dr. Marina Markova presented a report at the international IREG: «Employability and Academic Rankings: Reflections and Impacts» conference in London.
An international IREG: «Employability and Academic Rankings: Reflections and Impacts» conference took place on May, 14 – 16 at the University College London.

On April, 14 JLL top managers Chris Dryden and David Jenkins presented a lecture “Valuation: commercial real estate and hotels” as a part of Commercial Real Estate Management course at the Master in International Business & Strategy Programme at Lomonosov MSU BS

From April, 12th to April 17th Professor of the Centre for Industrial Relations at the University of Toronto (Canada) Rafael Gomez taught a "Marketing communications" course at MSU BS` Bachelor of Management programme.
Professor Gomez is a researcher at the Center of Industrial Relations, University of Toronto (Canada). He is also known as the author of numerous scientific publications and co-author of several popular books, such as The Paradox of American Unionism (2004).

Lomonosov MSU Business School’ corporate collaboration: Commercial Real Estate Management module for MSc. students
A Commercial Real Estate Management Module has started in 2014 for the group of MSc. students of the Lomonosov MSU BS.

Lomonosov MSU Business School welcomes a delegation from University of Sydney
On March, 24th MSU Business School hosted representatives of the oldest state university of Australia - University of Sydney.

“Corporate Finance” course for the students of the "MIB" programme at Lomonosov MSU Business School from visiting professor Dennis Vink

From February 10 to February 19 the Public Relations course was held for Bachelor students of Lomonosov MSU Business School by visiting professor Guntram Kaiser.

Lomonosov MSU Business School faculty member at the University of Tsukuba, Japan
In January 2014 Lomonosov MSU BS associate professor Irina Petrovskaya delivered a course on the Russian culture and business for the MBA students on the invitation of the Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan.

From January 20 to January 24 Lomonosov MSU business school professors gave classes in one of the leading business schools in France - INSEEC Business School.
Dr. Sergey Zaverskiy and Dr. Vera Kononova became members of the International Week at INSEEC business school, where they held classes on Business Environment in Russia and Consumer Behavior on Russian Market for students of master's programmes.

Lomonosov MSU BS MBA programme named number one in Eastern Europe
Eduniversal (International Ranking Agency) has recently presented its annual ranking of world MBA programmes.

Lomonosov MSU Business School signed an agreement with Aalto University School of Business
The ceremony took place in the Embassy of Finland with the participation of Ambassador of Finland, diplomatic staff responsible for scientific, educational and economic connections between the two countries and representatives of Finnish business in Moscow.

MSU BS team was placed third in Russian National Case Study Championship «Changellenge Cup Moscow – 2013»
MSU BS team “Amor Fati” was placed third in Russian national case study championship «Changellenge Cup Moscow». Final competition took place in Hilton Leningradskaya on December 11, 2013.

Prof. A Damodaran of Indian Institute of Management visits Lomonosov MSU Business School
School on Comparative Study of FDI Policies and Competitieness of India, China, and Russia for select sectors.

MSUBS alumni on the pages of Forbes

The 9th Bowling Championship between Moscow leading business schools hosted by Lomonosov MSU Business School on November 16, 2013
On Saturday, November 16, after a year-long break, the 9th Bowling Championship between Moscow leading business schools was hosted by Lomonosov MSU Business School at the Premier Sport entertainment complex.

Lomonosov MSU Business School at the 13th Annual Aleksanteri Conference in Helsinki
Lomonosov MSU Business School faculty members, Sergei Zaverskiy, Irina Petrovskaya, and Elena Kiseleva, delivered a joint presentation on The attitude to entrepreneurship in Russia: Three-dimensional institutional approach at the 13th annual Aleksanteri Conference, held, in Helsinki, Finland on 23-25 October 2013.

Lomonosov MSU Business School faculty member at the Second Russian-Japanese Business Forum for Humanities and Social Sciences
Sergei Shaposhnikov, senior lecturer at Lomonosov MSU Business School, spoke at the Second Russian-Japanese Forum for Humanities and Social Sciences, presenting a report on The spirit of entrepreneurship in Japan: the reality and prospects.

Lomonosov MSU Business School has presented its educational concept of socially responsible and ethically-minded business leaders at the 21st CEEMAN International Conference.
In September 25-27, 2013, the 21st annual conference of the international management development association CEEMAN was held at the IEDC - Bled School of Management, Slovenia. Lomonosov MSU Business School was among 200 representatives of the leading business schools of and the most prominent international companies.

Lomonosov MSU Business School faculty at the Academy of International Business international conference
On September 19th-20th an international conference of Academy of International Business (AIB) took place in Moscow. Academy of International Business (AIB) is a leading association for scholars and experts in international business from 86 countries.

MSU BS welcomes new international students
On September 5, 2013 MSU BS held a so-called «Orientation Day» - a meeting for newly arrived foreign students, organised jointly by the administration and students of the school.

New students of the Bachelor programme were presented with student ID cards.
On September 1, 2013 MSU BS has held the New Students Day ceremony. The newcomers of the Bachelor programme were presented with student ID cards and officially joined the big family of MSU BS.

MSU BS faculty in London School of Economics
In the end of August (August, 19-30) MSU BS member of faculty Irina Petrovskaya took part in LSE Methods Summer Programme at the London School of Economics.

Registration for School of Young Manager is now open
The application period for the School of Young Manager is open from August 29 to September 23.

MSU BS faculty attends the annual Academy of Management meeting
MSU BS members of faculty Sergey Zaverskiy and Vyacheslav Boltrukevich attended the annual meeting of the Academy of Management that is traditionally the biggest academic event in the management field.

Admission to MSU BS Bachelor successfully completed: passing score 235!
This year MSU BS Bachelor of management programme received 326 applications from Russian and foreign applicants.

MSU BS students’ Japan experience
This year the traditional summer internship in Japan organised by MSU BS in cooperation with E.N. International was attended by students, alumni, faculty and partners of the School.

MSU BS faculty goes abroad to teach EMBA students at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, one of the best business schools in India.
On July 19, 2013 MSU BS member of faculty Vera Kononova gave a class for Executive MBA students at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, one of the best business schools in India.

MSU BS Summer School “Management and economy: the modern teaching practice”
July 6, 2013 saw the end of the Summer School "Management and Economics: The Modern Teaching Practice" (held on July 1- 6, 2013) that was attended by 20 PhD students and young faculty members in the field of management and economics from 14 cities of Russia.

MSU BS Graduation Ceremony-2013.
On June 29, 2013 MSU BS held a Graduation Ceremony for the graduates of academic and post-experience programmes. The Ceremony took place in the conference hall of the intellectual centre of the Moscow State University – the Main Library.

Teachers of MSU BS, Marina Markova and Natalia Churkina, took part in an international educational program “International Management Teachers Academy 2013"
The training programme for teachers was organised by CEEMAN, the Association for Management Development in Central and Eastern Europe, and was held in Slovenia on June 2-14, 2013 based on IEDC-Bled School of Management.

MSU BS faculty discusses the publication of papers in the Harvard Business Review magazine
On June 20, 2013 the Institute for Complex Strategic Studies held a workshop for MSU BS faculty to encourage their paper writing and publication activities.

Doing Business in Russia for Texas Business School students
11 Texas Business School undergraduate students arrived to Russia in mid-May. Within the four weeks of the programme, the students attended a course of lectures developed by MSU BS teachers, took three company visits, had a trip to St. Petersburg and enjoyed the best sightseeing attractions of the two capitals.

Delegation of MSU BS took part in the annual EFMD conference
MSU BS delegation took part in the annual conference of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), the 41st conference since the inception of EFMD.

Bachelor students of MSU BS visited the Council of Federation
On May 29, 2013 Bachelor students of the third year of study took a visit to the Council of Federation as part of the “Legal Environment of Business” course.

lf Schneider at MSU BS
On May 27, 2013 MSU BS held a master-class by Ulf Schneider, the CEO of RUSSIA CONSULTING.

Graduation Day for the School of Young Manager
On Friday, May 17 the students of the MSU BS School of Young Manager were presented with diplomas on completion of the course.

MGU BS School of Young Manager is visiting Jones Lang LaSalle May 14
On Tuesday, May 14, the MGU BS School of Young Manager (SYM) students visited the office of one of the largest companies providing consulting services in the field of commercial real estate - Jones Lang LaSalle.

MSU BS holds a Career Day
On May 22, 2013 MSU BS held a traditional career day. The event was attended by students and graduates of Bachelor and Masters programmes.

The XII Lomonosov MSU BS Cup mini-football competition
On May 19, 2013 the Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School held XII championship in mini-football.

Open Day for MSU BS Master programme
May 14, 2013 saw the Open Day for those interested in the Master programme of MSU BS.

Study trip of MBA and EMBA students and graduates to Italy
A group of MSU BS MBA and EMBA students and graduates spent 4 days (May 6-10, 2013) doing a programme “Differentiation strategy: the Italian experience”, developed and held in partnership with Bocconi business school ranked as one of the world’s best business schools.

Exploring innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.S.A
On April 22-26, 2013 EMBA14 group visited Boston to take part in the educational module on innovation and entrepreneurship.

MSU BS presented its international programmes in Berlin
MSU BS presented its Semester Abroad programme (for Bachelor and Master students) and the educational tour Doing Business in Russia (for student groups) to German secondary school graduates, students and representatives of foreign universities at the Study World exhibition.

Business Education 2020 international student competition for the best video
In April 2013 the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) announced a student competition in creative videos. The students were expected to reflect on the future of Bachelor programme in the field of Management and Business Administration and to share their outlook on what the Bachelor Programme will look like in the year 2020.

MSU BS participated in the 11th Annual Conference of the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA)
On May 9-10, the 11th Annual Conference of the Baltic Management Development Association (Baltic Management Development Association) took place in Kaunas, Lithuania exploring the topic "The role of management in empowering innovation and creativity".

The first study trip of MSU BS MBA and Executive MBA graduates to Singapore took place on April 15-19
The programme of the study trip was intense combining classes at NUS Business School with company visits and meetings with managers.

MSU BS MBA programme ranked 1st among best MBA programmes in Eastern Europe
Eduniversal international rating agency published the annual international rating of MBA programmes. In this rating MBA programme of MSU BS was ranked the 1st among all MBA programmes in Eastern Europe region, thus being acknowledged as the best MBA programme in Russia.

MSU BS Master programme ranked among top-5 business schools in Eastern Europe
Eduniversal international rating agency has published the annual international rating for Master programmes. Master programme of MSU BS was ranked fourth among the programmes in the field of International Management provided by business schools and universities of Eastern Europe.

MSU BS joined the elite club of the world’s best business schools
At the Fifth Annual International Forum held by Eduniversal rating agency that took place in Lima, Peru on 17-19 October, MSU BS was awarded the highest status of a UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL (a "school with the greatest international influence”).

Presentation of research projects by MSU BS Master students
April 2013 saw a series of presentations of research projects by MSU BS Master students. Within a period of 4 months, from November 2012 to early April 2103, the students were carrying out their research projects as part of the research practice programme.

The School of Young Manager took its students to the Moscow office of 3M
On Tuesday, April 30, 2013 the students of the School of Young Manager visited the Moscow headquarters of 3M, one of the world’s most innovative companies.

Unique lecture by CEO of L'OREAL Russia.
On April 26, 2013 the CEO of L'OREAL Russia, Claudio Cavicchioli held a meeting with the students of MSU BS and Economic Faculty of Moscow State University.

The Chief Inspector of Academic Programmes at MSU BS took part in the conference "Japan studies in social sciences and humanities".
On April 24-25, 2013 Olga Merkusheva, the Chief Inspector of Academic Programmes at MSU BS took part in the conference "Japan studies in social sciences and humanities" held in Warsaw.

IX Bowling Championship was held by MSU BS on April 13, 2013
On Saturday, April 13 the IX Bowling Championship was held by MSU BS. The event was attended by students of Bachelor, Master, MBA, EMBA programmes, staff members of MSU BS and the Institute for Complex Strategic Studies, and a team of MSU BS teachers.

15.04.2013 Lomonosov MSU Business School at CEEMAN Program Management Seminar

15.04.2013 Lomonosov MSU BS participated at Rouen Business School International Week 2013

On April 7, 2013 MSU BS presented its Bachelor and Master programmes at the exhibition "Higher education for your children".
The exhibition "Higher education for your children" was held on Sunday at the hotel "Radisson Slavyanskaya" by Begin Group bringing together the leading Russian universities that presented their programmes for school children and their parents.

Athens, Greece, is about to host the 7th International Negotiation Competition “The Negotiation Challenge (TNC)” to be held on April 5-7, 2013.
TNC provides students from the world’s leading universities with a floor to compete against each other in conditions simulating real-life negotiations.

28.03.2013 Eduniversal 2012: Lomonosov MSU Business School entered the leading world business schools elite club

25.03.2013 Team of third year students from the Bachelor of Management programme reached the semifinal of “Challenge Future” international competition

19.03.2013 Students from Ross School of Business (USA) visit Lomonosov MSU BS

05.03.2013 Stockholm University School of Business is a Lomonosov MSU BS new partner

21.02.2013 Doing Business in Russia programme for ETH Zürich

09.02.2013 New international student cohort at Lomonosov MSU BS

05.02.2013 Lomonosov MSU BS MBA has become 1st among the programmes in Eastern Europe

01.02.2013 Lomonosov MSU BS presents the new issue of its academic journal

10.01.2013 Master in International Business programme is in the TOP-5 according to the Eduniversal Best Master Ranking 2012

20.12.2012 Lomonosov MSU Business School starts cooperation with Euromed Management

01.12.2012 Call for papers: MSU Bulletin. Series 24. Management

29.11.2012 EFMD Open House at Lomonosov MSU Business School

28.11.2012 Lomonosov MSU Business School got a new partner in Italy

26.11.2012 Lomonosov MSU BS Management Department Associate Professor Irina Petrovskaya held a series of master-classes on the Russian business culture in South Korea

24.11.2012 EMBA and MBA study tour to Japan

23.10.2012 Master-class from Les Nemethy on Business Exit Planning

17.10.2012 Master-class from Mark Nuckols on US Presidential Elections

11.10.2012 Business Ethics: from international professionals to MSU Business School students

11.10.2012 Lomonosov MSU BS: Responsible Management

03.10.2012 EFMD Open House - EFMD Quality Services Information Session

30.09.2012 CEEMAN Annual Meeting

29.09.2012 Master-class from Mary C. Gentile Giving Voice to Values

05.09.2012 Exchange students at Lomonosov MSU BS

From September 3 to November 10 professor of King's University Ken Bowlby holds classes of "Marketing" and "Organizational Behavior".

Summer Internship of the MBA students in Japan

"Efficient Region" conference in Irkutsk

On July 5, 2012 Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School in cooperation with the Strategic Studies Group "Delphi" held a regular "Meetings on Polyanka" seminar.

On June 30 graduation ceremonies for undergraduate and graduate programmes took place

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School was one of the co-organizers of the "Interactive Education" conference , held at Moscow State University on 29-30 June 2012

MBA and Executive MBA programmes graduates of 2012 received their diplomas

The article «Business Response to Environmental Challenges: Three Cases of Russian Industrial Companies» (authored by Lomonosov MSU BS Dean Professor Oleg S. Vikhansky, and lecturers Sergey Zaversky and Natalia Churkina) has been included into the Top 10 most popular new articles in the "Environment" section of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). SSRN -is one of the leading academic databases, which contains more than 345 thousand publications.

On June 25, 2012 Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School together with the Strategic Studies Group "Delphi" hold a "Strategy Development" workshop.

In terms of the «Brand development and promotion» research project group of MSU BS administration members and Master programme students visited the "Sokolskiy" farm at Krasnodarskiy area. The group participated in the new field reseach.

Doing Business in Russia with Italian accent
Lomonosov MSU Business School has developed and implemented the unique Doing Business in Russia programme for the MISA students from SDA Bocconi University for the second time.

Vyacheslav Boltrukevich, Senior Lecturer of Department of Management at Lomonosov MSU BS in the article «Give me the best job» («Vedomosti» daily newspaper) explained why the motivation methods which are used in production industry cannot be used in the service sector

Master-class from Glen Kurokawa

MSU BS alumni became a Chair of Board of Directors in a large power company

MSU BS graduate entered Uniastrum Bank Board

Students of bachelor and master programmes presented their final papers

The publishing house of Institute of Complex Strategic Studies (ICSS) released a new book of Andrew Kochetov “Innovative business processes. Step by step technology development, implementation and monitoring of performance”

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School took part in the 5th "Marketing of educational services" conference

Traditional Career Day in Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

Northeastern University students presented their business plans at Lomonosov MSU BS

The delegation of MSU Business School faculty members, headed by the Dean Oleg Vikhanskiy, attended the annual EFMD conference.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School has become a member of the CEEMAN Association

11th MSU Business School championship in mini-soccer
The mini-soccer championship at MSU BS was launched in 2002 and has already become a tradition for many MSU BS students and graduates. This year 12 teams of students, graduates, faculty members and the School partner team from the "Japanese House" company participated in it.

New visiting professor from Nyenrode Business University Dennis Vink arrives in Lomonosov MSU Business School
On the 14th the course “Corporate Finance” starts.

Master Class on "Real Estate. Myths and Reality" in Lomonosov MSU BS
At the end of April a master class of Dmitry Baranov on "Real Estate. Myths and Reality" took place at LMSU BS.

Future Managers Programme students visited Art. Lebedev Design Studio and Sochi 2014 Coordination Committee
Future Managers Program students not only study in classrooms, but also participate in company visits. Recently students visited Art. Lebedev Design Studio and Sochi 2014 Coordination Committee

Partner of LMSUBS Jones Lang LaSalle named "Consultant of the Year"
«Jones Lang LaSalle» was named the winner in the "Consultant of the Year" at the annual ceremony of awarding prizes Commercial Real Estate Moscow Awards 2012, held April 19 in the "Forum Hall".

From April 23 to May 5 at LMSUBS the course of «Marketing Communications» is held by visiting professor Mark Nukols

In the framework of the International Science Youth Forum "Lomonosov-2012" from 9 to April 13, 2012 a traditional annual International Scientific Conference "Lomonosov" took place
The main objective of the conference "Lomonosov-2012" is the development of creative activity of students and young researchers, to attract them to solve urgent problems of modern science, conservation and development of common scientific and educational space of the CIS countries, the establishment of contacts between future colleagues. In 2012 the conference was held on 32 sections and more than 300 subsections, reflecting the main directions of modern fundamental and applied science.

Future Managers Programme Students visited Moscow office of the Yandex Company
On April 23rd, 25 students from the Future Manager Program visited the head office of one of the most famous Russian Internet companies.

We are the winners again!
LMSUBS student to represent Russia at the ESU International Public Speaking Contest in London

Simon Murray visited LMSUBS
Founder of one of the first mobile operators «Orange», investment banker, a knight of the Order of the British Empire and the Legion of Honor, which is included in the Guinness Book of Records, and member of the board of directors of various companies Simon Murray took the floor in front of the students of LMSUBS.

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School held the "open day" of "Bachelor" and "Master" programms
Last Sunday there were a lot of happy and excited people at LMSUBS: the school held the "open day" of "Bachelor" and "Master" programms. Not too long from now before the applications bringing-in campaign, and entrants came to school to meet the administration and professors, talk to students and alumni.

Our new partners
LMSUBS is constantly expanding its network of academic partners, is actively moving, both to the West and to the East. More recently, school has partnered with the French business school ESCE and Japanese Nagoya University of Commerce & Business.

On April, 3 Guntram Kaiser, one of the most famous German PR-specialists, comes to LMSUBS with guest lectures.
As MGIMO graduate, Guntram Kaiser has traditionally maintained close contacts with Russian students, particularly students of LMSUBS.

From March, 21 to April, 7, LMSUBS classes will be held in the course «Enterpreneurship and New Venture». The author of the course - guest lecturer Jeroan Kuilman.
Since 2010 Jeroan is an associate professor at Tilburg University, in 2006-2009 he taught at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, in 2005-2006 - Erasmus University Rotterdam

Professor from Bentley University Abdolreza Eshgi is giving classes of International Marketing at the "MIB" programm

Great MSUBS results at public speaking contest
We have every right to be proud of our students who demonstrated great public speaking and were commended by the judges and the audience alike. Nikita Ulyanov won the Public Vote, while the other two MSUBS participants, Natalya Makhrova and Roman Saulin, were named among the top five speakers of the event. We are looking forward to the national tour which will be held at the Russian State Foreign Languages Library on February 29.

Lomonosov MSU BS in Boeing
Students of the Executive MBA program visited the Moscow office of Boeing: museum and design center, as well as participated in a master class president of the Russian division of the world aircraft manufacturer.

Lomonosov MSU BS graduate Boris Frayshteter (EMBA11) has opened a hotel in Tyumen.
On December 27 the opening of the Hotel Best Western Spassky took place in Tyumen. This project, according to Boris, was implemented largely through learning Executive MBA program at Lomonosov MSU BS. The opening was attended Boris' classmates: Natalia Terenteva, Sergei Sergeev, Alexey Bogatyrev, Ivan Klimenko.

Doing Business in Russia programme for the participants of the Singapore iBF Executive Programme
Ten representatives of the government agencies and business structures from Singapore visited Russia in November looking for the opportunities to develop their businesses in two Russian capitals: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Lomonosov MSU BS hosted the group within the framework of «Doing Business in Russia» programme.

MBA and EMBA study tour in Japan
Students and alumni of EMBA and MBA programs of Lomonosov MSU BS held a training internship in Japan. The intensive training program, traditionally supported by the Association ABEST21 and Graduate School of Business, Aoyama Gakuin University, included the introduction of economic and political systems of Japan, as well as with cultural traditions and peculiarities of the country.

International conference was held in Lomonosov MSU BS
October 21 and 22 over 30 scientists and researchers from different countries met at the Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School to discuss cross-cultural management at the ninth international conference "International Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management". Organized by the European Institute for advanced studies in management with active support of Lomonosov MSU BS conference was held to celebrate the 300th birthday of the founder of Moscow University — Mikhail Lomonosov.

"Bachelor" program students won the first place in the Tennis Championship of Moscow State University
Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School tennis team, for which students of "Bachelor" program, Ekaterina Nikitina and Sergei Romanov, won first place at the university interdepartmental league tennis.

Lomonosov MSU BS is now in the ranks of the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA)
Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School establishes new contacts in the international education and business space. Just recently joined the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA)

09.09.2011 «From Idea to Opportunity" seminar will be held in Lomonosov MSU BS on September, 14


September 1st: the Day of Knowledge at Graduate School of Business Administration MSU
On September 1st, 77 first-year students of BBA program received student IDs from the hands of Dean.

Lomonosov MSU BS Dean Prof. Oleg Vikhanskiy entered the EPAS Committee at the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)
On June 5th, 2011 the Committee of EFMD approved the appointment of Lomonosov MSU BS Dean Prof. Oleg Vikhanskiy as a member of EPAS Committee for the following three years.

05.08.2011 Vedomosti: the company of Lomonosov MSU BS alumni is the second biggest computer provider in Russia

Lomonosov MSU BS professors Sergey Zaverskiy and Natalya Churkina presented the report on “The Social Economy. Corporate Responsibility, Private Property & Partnerships, Workers’ Rights and Cooperatives” conference in Spain.

02.08.2011 Lomonosov MSU BS alumni, Aleksey Levchenko and Aleksey Tarasenko, were appointed to executive positions in VimpelCom and NVisionGroup companies

01.08.2011 Lomonosov MSU BS has enrolled 80 applicants for the Bachelor programme

12.07.2011 Lomonosov MSU BS completed the first admission for MBA and EMBA programmes for 2011/2012
According to the results of entry exams, 23 applicants recommended for the enrollment to Lomonosov MSU BS.

Doing Business in Russia
GSBA MSU reloads its educational “Doing Business in Russia” program which proposes a short-term educational course for the student groups from foreign universities. Its first attendees in this year were the Master students from the Italian SDA Bocconi University.

GSBA best graduates received their diploma on the meeting with the rector MSU, Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichiy
On July 1st, 2011, the Rector of MSU, Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichiy personally presented diploma to the GSBA graduates from Bachelor and Master programs.

On May, 28th GSBA students, alumni, professors and partners ran 160 km all together under the motto aCROSS the UNIVERSity!

The delegation from Illinois visited GSBA
On May 27th a group of students from Marketing and International Business Faculty of Illinois State University (USA) visited Graduate School of Business Administration.

GSBA Master and Bachelor program students presented their final projects
On May 23rd and 26th GSBA Bachelor and Master students presented their final projects.

The VIIIth Bowling Championship “GSBA CUP” between the leading Moscow business schools
The VIII Bowling Championship “GSBA CUP” between the leading Moscow business schools became one of the events dedicated to the GSBA 10th ANNIVERSARY.

GSBA MSU greeted the MBA students from Boston
The group of students from the Northeastern University (Boston, USA) visited GSBA MSU as a part of their two-weeks-study-module in Russia.

MBA students from the University of South California visited GSBA MSU
MBA students from Marshall School of Business visited GSBA MSU wishing to get advice about doing business in Russia from their Russian colleagues.

Career day at GSBA MSU
A traditional Career Day was held at Graduate School of Business Administration on May 19th, 2011.

A mini-soccer championship, dedicated to GSBA 10th anniversary, was held at the “Dinamo” stadium on May, 15th.

Lomonosov MSU BS gets the EPAS accreditation for its Bachelor of Management Programme
On 09 February 2011 the EPAS Accreditation Board voted to grant EPAS Accreditation to Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School for its programme Bachelor of Management.

9th EIASM workshop on “International Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management”
Call for papers for the the workshop which will be hosted by Graduate School of Business Administration Moscow State University on Friday / Saturday 21st and 22nd October 2011 is opened till the June 30th

Banks in capital markets: which companies should attract the debt financing – a master-class of Mikhail Afonskiy
On May, 13th at 18:30 in GSBA the Head of ROSBANK Investment and Banking Department Mikhail Afonskiy will report about the bank debt strategies in capital markets.

The Japanese cherry blossoms reached the GSBA at the beginning of May

Executive MBA study tour in USA
From April, 19th till April, 23rd Executive MBA students participated in the study tour “American Business and Practice” in USA, organized together by Graduate School of Business Administration and its partner, Northeastern University.

GSBA students participated in the ceremonial meeting dedicated to the Victory Day
On April, 28th GSBA students participated in the ceremonial meeting to celebrate the anniversary of the Victory Day.

MBA in Operations Management students completed the 5th module

Creation and development of market – master-class from Nestle
On April, 25th representatives of Nestle company speak about the creation and development of the demand

Career and its planning – master-class from Nataliya Sashchenko, GSBA alumni
GSBA alumni, Nataliya Sashchenko, gave a master-class on career management at GSBA

GSBA bachelor students completed Production Systems course at Yaroslavskiy factory
GSBA bachelor students visited Yaroslavskiy factory as a traditional part of Production Systems course from March, 28th to April, 1st.

Graduate School of Business Administration took part at the “Higher Education for your children” exhibition in Radisson Slavyanskaya

A GSBA CUP tie MINI-SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP will take place on the 15th of May. Location: DINAMO Stadium (Football Arena).

GSBA gets into the final in the MSU Basketball Championship
On April, 6th, 2011 the GSBA basketball team became the outright winner in the semi-final game of MSU Basketball Championship.

07.04.2011 GSBA MSU presents its MBA programmes in Tyumen
On April, 13th, 2011 GSBA professor Vyacheslav Boltrukevich will present GSBA MBA programmes.

GSBA Associate Dean for academic programmes and international relations Anna Gryaznova participated in International Week 2011 in Rouen Business School

GSBA got a new partner in France
GSBA has recently signed a bilateral partnership agreement with the Brittany School of Management (Brest, France).

GSBA MSU: “Strategy development” module at Executive MBA
From 17th to 23rd January, 2011 the Executive MBA students successfully passed their “Strategy development” module.

GSBA graduate presents his first book “Stereotype-breaking”

GSBA alumni celebrate New Year 2011
More than 150 GSBA students and alumni from the whole Russia met together to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

The XVIII International Lomonosov conference invites students and young researches
April, 11th — 15th, 2011 the annual International Lomonosov conference for students, postgraduates and young scientists will be held at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

11.01.2011 “Recent Russian Debate on Moving from VAT to Sales Taxes and Its Global Implications", an article of John Whally and GSBA professor, Vera Kononova, was published in Journal of Globalization and Development

28.12.2010 The article “Business Responses to Environmenatal Challenges: Three Cases of Russian Companies” written in co-authorship by GSBA dean Oleg Vikhanskiy, Natalya Churkina and GSBA Professor Sergey Zaverskiy will be presented at the international conference “Social Economy” organized by International Institute for the Sociology of Law on July, 6-8, 2011 in Spain.

An international risk management expert Kevin Night visited GSBA with his lecture
On December 17th, 2010 the chairman of the group creating ISO 31000 (the international standard of risk management) Kevin Night discussed specifics of risks in corporate and strategic management

15.12.2010 The GSBA professors Vera Kononova and Vyacheslav Boltrukevich commented the methods involving the staff in the process of organization improvement to “Vedomosti” newspaper

Nobel Prize winner Roger Kornberg delivered a public lecture at the Moscow State University
On October, 14 at 5 p.m. Roger Kornberg, a biochemist with worldwide reputation and the winner of the Nobel Prize, delivered a public lecture at the Moscow State University. Students, faculty and staff of the University were invited to attend the lecture.

INSEAD presented its PhD in Management Programme at GSBA
The presentation of PhD in Management programme in the world leading business school INSEAD took place at GSBA on October, 12. INSEAD professor Ilya Tsetlin explained what is special about this programme and answered the questions of the participants of the presentation.

GSBA Bachelor and Master Programmes are accredited by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)
CIMA is the world's largest professional body of management accountants. The accreditation of the courses means that GSBA graduates of the Bachelor and Master Programmes can receive exemptions from selected parts of the CIMA professional qualification.

The Vth Russian Science Festival at the Moscow State University
October 8-10 the Vth Russian Science Festival took place in Moscow. The Festival was organized by the Moscow Government and the Moscow State University.

GSBA administration met with corporate partners’ representatives
On September, 28 GSBA partner companies' representatives met at GSBA to share experience and discuss the effective ways of cooperation with the School.

Web of Science: new information resource for the GSBA faculty
On September, 20 at GSBA Pavel Kasyanov, the representative and the manager of the Thomson Reuters company in Russia, explained to the GSBA faculty how to use the Web of Science in their academic research

GSBA visiting professor Anil Verma appeared in the broadcasting “Foreigners” by Russian News Service.

International summer study tours of GSBA students
In July 2010 GSBA students took part in traditional international study tours. MBA students visited Japan, learning more about Japanese management style and culture. BBA students spent three weeks at the International Summer Institute at Bentley University, USA.

GSBA professor commented to Vedomosti on the topic of production management
GSBA professor Vyacheslav Boltrukevich commented to the leading Russian business newspaper Vedomosti on the challenges related to the relocation of production facilities. Details – Vedomosti, ¹ 120 (2638) 02.07.2010

The Ceremony of Graduation
Fresh graduates from all GSBA programmes were greeted at the Ceremony of Graduation on June 26. Top managers from partner companies, international faculty and prominent statesmen addressed them with words of encouragement.

International delegations at GSBA
MBA students from Northeastern University (Boston, USA) and University of Southern California (Los Angeles, USA) visited GSBA in May 2010. Each delegation met with GSBA students and explored specifics of business and education in Russia.

GSBA signed agreements with business schools from Mexico, Canada and Netherlands
More opportunities for international student exchange are open thanks to the new partnership agreements: with Tilburg School of Economics and Management, King's University College at The University of Western Ontario and Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey.

A new joint Real Estate programme
GSBA and Jones Lang LaSalle announce the launch of a new joint programme – Master of Science in Real Estate. The experts from Jones Lang LaSalle are involved in programme designing and study process.

GSBA Career Week
19-23 April, 2010 a new career event was held at GSBA. During the Career Week managers from adidas Group, BNP Paribas, Ernst&Young, L’Oreal, METRO Group and Wimm-Bill-Dann conducted seminars on career paths in different industries and professions. The Week ended with a traditional job fair.

GSBA wins Moscow Students' Presentation Contest
A second year student, Vadim Vzorov, won the 1st prize at Moscow Students' Presentation Contest.

GSBA MSU Launches a New Program Business Navigator
GSBA invites you to take part in Business navigator program.

19.03.2010 Business Strategies at turbulence times – Students Presentation Contest
On March, 2010 GSBA organized the students presentation contest for the 2nd time. Teams of the leading business schools competed in their skills in creating and performing their presentations in English.

Luxury Business in Europe, Russia and Asia - master-class by Yuliya Yeremina.
A master-class for GSBA students and alumni.

Graduate School of Business Administration invites you to attend Open Day and learn more about our Bachelor, Master in International Business, MBA and Executive MBA programs, on March 21.

GSBA exchange students in Great Britain, France and Norway
Bader International Study Center (Queen’s University, UK), BI Norwegian School of Management (Norway), Burgundy School of Business (France), Roen Business School (France) hosted GSBA students during fall exchange semester abroad.

25.02.2010 Master-class «From ideas to the international business» at MIB Program
The co-founder of Idea Paint Inc. Morgen Newman made presentation «From ideas to the international business» to the students from master courses. Morgen discussed with the students some issues about the entrepreneurship.

GSBA MSU professor commented to Kariera Magazine on the topic "Personnel Profession"
Personnel Profession: GSBA MSU professor Anna Gryaznova commented to Kariera Magazine on how to become a successful HR manager and on the demands of the Russian labor market. Details – «Kariera», ¹ 1-2 (126) January-February 2010.

The exchange students from France and Germany at GSBA MSU
Nine students from our partner business schools (Burgundy School of Business, Management Institute of Paris, IESEG School of Management, European Business School, University of Passau) participate in exchange program.

A GSBA professor has appeared in a Russia Today TV channel report.
Sergey Zaverski, a GSBA professor, has appeared with comments on the participation of large business representatives in a government meeting in a Russia Today channel report.

An article by Vera Kononova, a GSBA professor, has been posted on the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) web site.
In the article it's authors - Vera Kononova and John Walley - discuss recent policy debate in Russia on moving from the present value added tax to a sales tax structure covering households, government and exports.

New 2010 Year’s Eve
The traditional New Year’s celebration took place in Marriott Grand Hotel on December 19th. Organized by GSBA alumni this event unites GSBA students, alumni and staff members in joyful and luxurious atmosphere.

7th Bowling Championship
7th Bowling Championship on December 12th challenged 10 leading Moscow business schools to win GSBA Bowling Championship Cup. This year’s gold winner is International Institute of Management Link, silver - GSBA and bronze - Graduate School of Business and Management. Congratulations to winners!

Master-class “Retail marketing”
December, 10 GSBA witnessed the master-class “Retail marketing” by Vadim Korunskiy, HR & Marketing director of METRO Cash & Carry, Russia.

“Effective energy sector” conference, Irkutsk
30.11-3.12 more than 140 representatives from 40 companies participated in the conference “Effective energy sector” organized by “Irkutskenergo” and GSBA. Professor Steven J. Spear presented his book “Chasing the rabbit” issued in Russia under the auspices of GSBA. Vyacheclav Boltrukevich, GSBA lecturer, directed seminar “Process management” and workshop “HR role in organization development”.

EMBA internship in Japan
One-week internship allowed EMBA students to visit the leading Japanese companies (Toyota, Itochu, Sony, Shiseido) and attend lectures at Graduate School of International Management (Aoyama Gaukin University).

Master-class “Effective employees’ recruitment and motivation”
On November 24th, 2009 the master-class “Effective employees’ recruitment and motivation” by Andrey Kozhanov, founder and general director of “AVK” company, took place at GSBA. The master class was organized in the framework of master-classes “The stories of success: companies, people, business”.

GSBA MSU bowling championship
The 7th GSBA MSU bowling championship took place on November, 21st. GSBA students and alumni participated in the championship dedicated to 20th GSBA anniversary.

GSBA is ranked #2 in 2009 EDUNIVERSAL top
On October 26th 2009 the Eduniversal palms were awarded to business schools of high international and local influence.
GSBA was awarded 4 Palms, taking 2d place among business schools in NW and Central Russia.

Master-class “Secrets of ‘media relations’ – how to deal with mass media”
On 29th October master-class “Secrets of media relations – how to deal with mass media” by Konstantin Bocharsky, chief editor of the journal “Secret firmy” and Sergey Rybak, press-secretary of “Bazovyj element” company, took place at GSBA.

27.10.2009 An international research of needs of the business society in business-education has been coordinated by GSBA
Over 600 companies from the Asian-Pacific region (Japan, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Korea, Tailand) and Russia took part in the research. GSBA acted as global coordinator of the research.

The Executive MBA Programme starts
New group of EMBA students was launched on October 24th at Graduate School of Business Administration. Professional experience, variety of represented industries and cultures will definitely contribute to students’ leadership skills development, and of course, to their personal enrichment.

Open Day for the potential applicants to the Programme “Bachelor of Business Administration” took place at GSBA on October 24th. Open Day’s agenda included: • GSBA administration and faculty presentations; • information about the Programme and entry requirements; • meeting with the GSBA students. The Open Day’s witnessed many guests who asked GSBA administration, faculty and students questions and got detailed answers.

“MGU Vestnik” journal. Series XXIV. Management.
On 15th October the roundtable on the 1st issue of the Moscow State University academic journal “MGU Vestnik. Series XXIV. Management” took place. Members of the journal’s editorial board, leading universities’ representatives, academic staff members of GSBA MSU participated in roundtable discussion. Participants discussed issues, covered in the 1st issue and shared their opinions on the articles and overall development of the journal.

Executive MBA internship in UK
MBA Executive students and alumni, some of GSBA academic staff members participated in the internship in UK on October 3-9th. The intensive internship program included visiting companies, University of Oxford, the UK Parliament and some cultural events.

GSBA has launched a new academic journal
We have launched the new academic journal for business scholars and practitioners - Journal of the Moscow State University, Series24 - Management. The first issue of the journal has been published in September 2009. We are honored to invite our partners around the world to contribute your submissions and ideas to the new journal and thus to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences on the journal’s pages.

GSBA professors' paper was presented at The Academy of Management Annual Meeting (7-11 August, Chicago, USA)
The paper "Business Response to Environmental Challenges: Three Cases of Russian Industrial Companies" written by Oleg Vikhansky, Natalia Churkina and Sergey Zaversky was presented at The Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, held in August 2009.
The Academy of Management is the premiere professional association dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations. The AoM Annual Meeting is the largest annual gathering of management scholars in the world.

On April, 17th within the framework of the annual Lomonossov Conference GSBA MSU organizes a conference “Russian Business Education: challenges and answers”. We are looking for submissions relating to:
- globalization as a factor of changes in the business education
- Russian business education: answers to global challenges
- New models of educational process
- New standards of business education
- Current situation and development perspectives for Russian business education
Contact: Stanislav Smirnov smirnov@mgubs.ru

March, 22nd – Open Doors Day at GSBA MSU
March, 22nd – a spring Open Doors Day for applicants on MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Science in International Business and Bachelor in Management programs. Presentation of MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Science in International Business programs begins at 11 am; Bachelor in Management at 3 pm. Come and meet our faculty, administration, students and alumnae!

EMBA Study Tour to Japan
GSBA MSU is proud of its long-standing relations with Japan. For many years GSBA’s MBA student visit Japan with a ten-day summer program. With a launch of an Executive MBA program, GSBA created a new study abroad program, which better corresponds to the needs of its students. The program of November visit included visiting and meeting with top-managers of leading Japanese companies: ITOCHU, SONY, SUZUKI, and TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE. EMBA students also visited Parliament of Japan and got a chance to learn more about Japanese political system. At Aoyama Gakuin University, and old academic partner of GSBA MSU, EMBA students attended classes of Professor Maeda “Global Strategies of Japanese Companies” and Professor Suda “Japanese System of Human Resources Management” and met with the Japanese students of Aoyama Business School’s EMBA program.

BMI MBA students at GSBA MSU
GSBA MSU hosted MBA in Marketing students from Barcelona Management Institute. The BMI group spent a week in Moscow, taking advantage of early autumn days. The Barcelona students took a chance of visiting Evraz Group where they got a most relevant update on the business processes in this Russian-based company perusing a multinational strategy. Visiting Hewlett Packard Russia helped the students to realize what the opportunities and threats international companies face working on the Russian market. To get a broader idea of marketing in Russia, the BMI students chose to participate in a seminar in Fashion Business that GSBA MSU organized.

GSBA MSU among the leaders of EDUNIVERSAL ratings in Russia
EDUNIVERSAL in Paris announced its 2008 Top1000 business schools rating results. GSBA MSU was granted a palm of a Top Business School Internationally Known – a highest recognition achieved by Russian business-schools. The rating lists 13 business schools from Russia. The complete list and methodology of the rating may be consulted at: http://www.eduniversal.com/business-school-ranking/country/russia-nw-central/241

Case study written by GSBA professors published by Edward Elgar Publishing
Edward Elgar, a leading international academic publisher in economics and management, has recently published a collection of six in-depth case studies on innovation and enterpreneurship in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The case study presenting Russia in this collection is written by GSBA faculty members Alexander Naumov and Irina Petrovskaya in collabaration with a professor of Notheastern University (USA) Sheila Puffer. The publication presents an overview of Russia’s key economic indicators and the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), followed by a case study of a successful SME.

MSU Graduate School of Business Administration has carried out a program for EMBA students from Korea.
GSBA MSU hosted a group of EMBA students from Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, Korea, est. in 1398). The program of the visit included seminars on Russian economic and political system, Russian business culture and consumer behavior.

GSBA MBA students at the summer study tour in Japan
In July 2008 students of GSBA MBA programs took part in a study tour in Japan. This tour gives its participants opportunities to learn more about Japanese management style and culture. It also provides them with a fresh view on their own businesses and environment. Students acquire a broader understending of the global world addressing both Western and Eastern experiences. Students had a chance to visit Toyota automobile plant and see the famous Toyota Production System afoot; meet with Executive Board of ITOCHU Corporation; visit and learn about Tokyo Stock Exchange and Japan Parliament.

International Summer Institute at Bentley welcomed GSBA bachelor students
Bentley, a leading business school located near Boston, USA, hosted GSBA BBA students during three weeks at the International Summer Institute. GSBA students had an opportunity to learn about the business environment in the United States, as well as American history and culture through academic seminars, meetings with business executives, and cultural activities. "Entrepreneurial Thinking: A U.S. Context" was the most impressive course in the students' opinion. Besides Russian students enriched their international experience communicating with students from Austria, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Australia that did the same course at the International Summer Institute at Bentley.

Spring study tours of GSBA Executive MBA students
Modular Executive MBA program in GSBA includes one module that is held in the partner school outside Russia. In 2008 EMBA students deepened their understanding of global business at Northeastern University College of Business Administration (USA; the College was rated ¹ 82 among the best ÅÌÂÀ programs by Financial Times in 2006) and SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy; rated ¹ 48 among best ÌÂÀs by Financial Times in 2008). Study tours included classroom studies, visiting leading local companies and meetings with American and Italian business experts and top managers.

GSBA organizes the annual bowling tournament for Moscow business schools
Since 2003 an annual bowling tournament for all Moscow-based business schools

GSBA is a pioneer in teaching Kaizen in Russia
Kaizen Management System is one of the bases of GSBA MBA in Operations Management

In 2003 GSBA students won 1st prize in Global Management Game.
80 student teams from around the world take part in this Game, organized by Carnegie Mellon University

GSBA pioneered in the utilization of the case study method in Russia
Cases based on Russian and international experience are included in each learning program

GSBA is a strategic partner of ICSS - leading Russian think tank
Institute for Complex Strategic Studies research covers a broad range of economic and social issues. ICSS is supported by leading Russian private sector firms and has contractual relations with several ministries.

The first textbook on management in Russia was written by Prof. O.Vikhanskiy (GSBA Dean) and Prof. A.Naumov
The "Management" University textbook become a bestseller and run through several editions by now.

In 2005 GSBA was ranked in Global Top100 and European Top40 Business Schools
QS Top MBA included GSBA in its global and European lists of best business schools.

GSBA is a member of AACSB Association
Organized in 1916, AACSB International is the premier accrediting agency for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in business administration and accounting.

GSBA is a member of EFMD Association
With more than 650 member organizations in 75 countries, EFMD provides a unique forum on innovation and best practice in management development.

GSBA faculty developed the first in Russia Bachelor's Program in management
The program was launched at the Moscow State University in 1993

GSBA is a co-founder of ABEST21 Association
Created in 2005, the association unites business schools from around the world and is aimed to advance education in business schools on a global basis

In 2008 GSBA and EBS (Germany) start German-Russian MBA in Logistics
GSBA and European Business School (Germany) agreed to launch a joint German-Russian MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Both partnering universities are ranked among the top institutions in their respective countries.

GSBA MSU is #1 in Top-20 Russian Business Schools
Survey was held in 2007 by the leading Russian business magazine “Secret Firmi”. Rating is based on the grades given by business schools' alumni.

School GSBA MSU's MBA satisfies the best!
According to the survey held by the leading Russian business magazine “Secret Firmi” GSBA MSU is ranking 1 in the Top 20 Russian Business schools.

01.09.2007 Launch of 'English Semesters' at the 'Bachelor' program at GSBA MSU
In order to boost academic exchanges, available to the students and faculty of our partnering business schools, GSBA MSU is announcing the launch of English Semester.

24.04.2006 The Ljubljana Summer school
The Ljubljana Summer school

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